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  • December27th

    Week 51 of my project, Day 357, Monday 23rd December. As it [the project] draws to a close, I have updated the Weekly Favourite Page for the penultimate time.

    I have managed to post a photo each day with one exception. Day 335 which worked out to be Sunday 1st December. This was mainly due to having to switch web hosts. My former webhost seemed to be experiencing a number of minor difficulties over a short period of time, so I guess I ran out of patience.

    I had already decided to move hosting in early 2014, and had chosen TSO Host based on features and value for money. Having developed WordPress themes, set up and installed wordpress (on which Silversnaps is based) I thought I’d have no problem moving the host. However, simple it was not to be, and I called upon the excellent support from TSO Host (who actually carry out a free migration should you chose) to finalise the move. The move should, and I am sure was seamless from a visitors perspective, as it was fully set up and ready before the DNS entries were updated.

    I question in Week 39 how to get a vanity URL for Google+ and it seemed it was a matter of waiting for Google to catch up. No sooner had I posted this, I received an email from Google inviting me to take up a Google+ Vanity URL. I duly did this, and my Google+ URL is now Happy days!

    Without further ado, the updated Weekly Photo Page can be accessed here.