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Steven J Parkes Hi, my name is STEVEN J PARKES. I am not creative, I am not a photographer, and I am not a web designer. I do however, wish I was all three.

I have been taking photographs, mainly of UK railways since I was about 10 years of age, however pocket money wouldn’t stretch to the processing costs of films, and thus my film throughput was very low. Recent arrivals to the ‘Photography’ arena may well be wondering what this ‘film’ stuff is, just like they will wonder what a cassette tape is. Despite the convenience of Digital Cameras and their immediacy of having pictures ready for publication, in my opinion there is a romance film possesses that Media Cards just do not. That said, it hasn’t improved the number of photographs that I take, but now that is possibly just laziness.

Photographs I tend to take these days are generally now of the Street, People or Places I visit. UK railways are pretty much all operated by modern railbuses which have the same bland characteristics of their road-going cousins.

Photographs within this website have been taken on a number of different cameras, but my real photographic journey started with a Practica MTL3. I loved this camera, particularly the split field focusing. This was confined to the back of the cupboard (where the battery went flat) and was superseded by a Canon EOS 300. It took me some time to figure out the huge difference the f1.8 on the Practica had over the Canon 28-135mm Kit Zoom! the EOS 300 was lost, and quickly replaced when it was left on a train in Portugal by a Canon EOS33V with a 50mm f1.8 lens. This was my camera of choice, along with Process Paid Fuji Superia Slide film. To digitise the slides, I bought a Minolta DIAMGE 5400 35mm scanner. This was a great alternative to the EOS D30, and provided scans far larger than any DSLR of the time. This set up sufficed until late 2005 when I got the digital bug, and purchased a Canon EOS 20D. I never felt confortable with this, and while I was happy with the results, I cringed at the tiny viewfinder making composition and manual focusing practically impossible. The crop factor was also a big negative point as I did not have the funds for a decent wide angle lens. It wasn’t long before I tired of the 20D, reverting back to film for a short period, even purchasing a cheap Mamiya 645 Medium Format Camera which kept me entertained for a while even with its mechanical faults. I had clearly been hooked by the immediacy digital provided becuase I hankered for a full frame DSLR ever since ditching the 20D. So while now using digital, I often find myself returning to film quite often now on a Olympus Trip purchased at a Brussels Flea Market for €6! The metering is poor, the focus is worse, and hit or miss isn’t even close with the non through-the-lens viewfinder! That might well be my photographic ability, but the process of taking the photo, developing the film and scanning the exposures (those which are somewhere near the right exposure) is much more enjoyable than sitting down with a memory card.

The equipment used for most photographs will be identified with the photo.

Photographs displayed on this site will be identified as to whether they are of FILM origin or DIGITAL, but you can probably tell yourself.

If there are photographs you particularly like, then please comment on them.

If you have a photographic website, then please share it with me. I am always looking for inspiration.

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