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  • December27th

    Week 51 of my project, Day 357, Monday 23rd December. As it [the project] draws to a close, I have updated the Weekly Favourite Page for the penultimate time.

    I have managed to post a photo each day with one exception. Day 335 which worked out to be Sunday 1st December. This was mainly due to having to switch web hosts. My former webhost seemed to be experiencing a number of minor difficulties over a short period of time, so I guess I ran out of patience.

    I had already decided to move hosting in early 2014, and had chosen TSO Host based on features and value for money. Having developed WordPress themes, set up and installed wordpress (on which Silversnaps is based) I thought I’d have no problem moving the host. However, simple it was not to be, and I called upon the excellent support from TSO Host (who actually carry out a free migration should you chose) to finalise the move. The move should, and I am sure was seamless from a visitors perspective, as it was fully set up and ready before the DNS entries were updated.

    I question in Week 39 how to get a vanity URL for Google+ and it seemed it was a matter of waiting for Google to catch up. No sooner had I posted this, I received an email from Google inviting me to take up a Google+ Vanity URL. I duly did this, and my Google+ URL is now Happy days!

    Without further ado, the updated Weekly Photo Page can be accessed here.

  • October2nd

    September 30th brought Week 39 of the project to a close. Only 13 weeks, 92 photos more to get. So far security guards have pounced on me, people have laughed at me taking photos, people have acted up in the background and people have engaged with me. All part of the fun.

    I have been including the photos on my google+ profile here. If anyone knows how to get a vanity link for google+, let me know. is just unhelpful! So far in pursuing this project, it has made me more focused (pun not intended) on photography and making sure that I carry a camera everywhere. I have encountered numerous problems so far, so I have compiled a list of tips that might be helpful for your own project:

    1. Take your camera everywhere. The obvious one, no camera, no photo.
    2. Try not to limit yourself to a particular camera, particularly a DSLR, which is heavy & cumbersome.
    3. Don’t be too particular over the photographs, as there is no way all 365 photos will be perfect. I chose to do a weekly favourite out of the collection, and publish these on a separate page.
    4. Share the photos online; I have used google+, and share the photos in the Creative 365 Project. The number of members of this community is particularly low, even late September, the number of members had only grown to 705. Perhaps choosing a different community with more members would have allowed me to get a bigger following?
    5. Make a note of ideas as some days you will see many shots. This way you can go back to them when you are struggling for inspiration.
    6. Take the photo as soon as possible during the day. I have lost count of the number of times when it’s been late evening, and I have suddenly remembered I need to post a photo!
    7. Follow other 365 photo projects for ideas. I got my idea from a US based photographer Erin Xavier who used a Model of Dr Who’s Tardis in his project 366 Days of Tardis. If you have time look through his photos (on Instagram)


    Back to my own project, updates have been posted to Twitter with the hashtag #365DaysofRobot so can be followed there. More recently I have started adding the photographs to the tweets so it can be viewed entirely from Twitter using #365DaysofRobot.

    The weekly favourite page has been updated.

  • July24th

    Not only was July 22nd my birthday, it was the end of Week 29, and thus time to choose another weekly favourite in the project. Should I decide to do another project, it will not be a 365, nor will I restrict myself to including a prop. A look around the net reveals most projects are a series of unrelated snaps, so at least I have managed some kind of theme.

    I think maybe ‘Project 52′ will be the way forward next year, but in the meantime, I have updated the weekly favourite page …


  • May27th

    Week 21, as far as my 365 project completed today with day 147. Keeping motivated and determined to post a new photo each day is a challenge to say the least, but I have managed it so far. One reason for undertaking such a project was to re-ignite my interest in photography and to see if I could improve. I felt like I had reached a plateau, with no creativity. This project so far heightened my awareness to notice unusual things. Taking good photographs simply won’t happen if you fail to see them in the first place. This isn’t to say that all my photos in the series are ‘good’ in the first place, but you have to start somewhere.

    Most Photo 365 projects don’t consist of using an object throughout. So not only is there the difficulty of carrying the camera everywhere I go, I also have a box containing the robot. With the genre being ‘Still life’, there is usually time to set the picture up, but it still requires discipline to do so when I notice an opportunity.

    Because of the colour of the robot, black, it is easy for detail to be lost in the shadows. This has encouraged me to see light in a different way, and hopefully make the best of the situation when necessary. This has been made somewhat more difficult because the robot fell over, falling on it’s head. This has had the result that when standing, the head dips forward slightly.

    My first 21 weekly favourites can be seen here.

  • March24th

    Looking through all the images so far of the ’365 Days of Robot’ project so far, I thought a little montage might add some colour to the blog. Taking photos for the project are getting ever more challenging, in the attempt to make the next one different from any previous. This has also led me to notice a pattern among them, in that the number where the robot is positioned on the left outweighs any other composition.

    A gallery of the project so far can be seen here …  For a look at the photos, click on the photograph, for a look at the photo-post, click the ‘Text Label’ … if that makes sense.

    A montage of all the 365 Days of Robot so far, Day 83

  • February22nd

    Week 7 was completed 18th February. I have chosen the next of the collection of my favourite 52.

    Not all the photographs are in black and white; Where I think colour adds to the image, then I leave the colour there. The post-processing of the photographs in many cases is extreem. This is a photo project not some fine art exhibition.

    Some of the processing has been carried out using a combination of Lightroom Presets which ‘Street Photographer’ Eric Kim made available on his blog some time ago here, and my adjustments. These are for Lightroom 3, and he has updated them and added more to the collection for Lightroom 4.

    So far, most photographs have been taken with my Fuji X100 Black. The ease and fun using this camera cannot be underestimated. If I was trying to progress this project with my 2.5kg DSLR, I would have lost interest carrying this about closer to day 9.

    The updated weekly favourite page is here.